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Canadians still love their newspapers

For all the talk of the demise of the good old newspaper, Canadians told NadBANK (Newspaper Audience Databank), they love them; nearly 8 in 10 Canadians read a daily newspaper each week. And readership for the 6 largest markets grew slightly over the past six months both for print and Web site products.

That goes completely against what Del thinks. I curled against Del yesterday at the rink and during a pause in the action, and inquiring about my background, the Manotick senior blithely said, “Well the internet is killing newspapers isn’t it?”

Nope, I said to Del. But it’s a common misperception. The paper circulation of newspapers is certainly stagnant. But they have altered their way of distributing what they do.

I know what you’re thinking.

But what about demongraphic separation?

Check this out:

“On both a daily and weekly basis it is the 25- to 49-year-olds who are most likely  to read at the newspaper’s Web site whereas those 65 years and older rely most heavily on their printed editions. These young adult readers are essential for maintaining and building newspaper audiences in the future. When outsiders look at newspaper readership and see flat or declining readership of the print product, they are ignoring the changes in how newspapers are consumed today. Digital readers are rarely “Web site only” readers; they migrate between platforms and most view the printed product as the primary channel for their newspaper.”

Read more: http://www.inma.org/blogs/value-content/post.cfm/readership-is-ldquo-business-as-usual-rdquo-in-canada#ixzz1c6geSIXk

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